Welcome to the law offices of Sarah Lawrence and Associates. From our offices in Oakland, we focus on personal injury and bankruptcy cases locally, and throughout California.

With over 27 years practicing law in the city of Oakland, we pride ourselves in treating our clients with respect and humanity, while fighting to defend their rights with fierceness.

To learn more about what we offer, please read about Sarah Lawrence below, or call us at (510) 836-3618.

I represent the ordinary person...

My clients are individuals who as diverse as the City of Oakland, where I have practiced for 27 years.

I represent people who have been badly injured or who have lost their loved ones as a result of the careless and wrongful acts of others.

I help injured and bereaved people to get reimbursed for their losses and compensation for the harm done to them.

Of the cases I’ve gotten involved in, I have won 99.9%. I’ve won anything from $1,000 to $21 million on my cases. And I’ll take your case whether it’s small or whether it’s large.

I’ve won cases involving spinal cord, brain, total or partial disability, and other injury cases, I’ve been particularly successful with children who have had long-term disabilities.

I like to represent the ordinary person, and make them feel like a winner, so all my clients feel like they’re winners.

For a free consultation, to assesss the merits of your case, call me right away. I'm at (510) 836-3618.

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